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Terra di Luce

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Mi experiencia contigo fue mágica, increíble y maravillosa, después de la limpieza de los chakras mis caminos están más claros y sobre todo como uno va aprendiendo a sanar. Eres de las personas que uno siempre quiere tener en su vida como guía. Después de la meditación guiada contigo para sellar la limpieza, sentí algo increíble en mi, todo lo veía iluminado, lloré mucho pero era un llanto de liberación. Eres la mejor.

Denisse Garcia


Who we are

The concept of Terra di Luce was born many years ago in the heart of Laura Orvieto, published author, Certified LOA Life Coach, Certified Meditation and Hypnosis Practitioner. She noticed the need for a space where people could find peace, like a little piece of heaven on earth. Terra di Luce is a place where we not only encourage people to be themselves, but we provide them with the tools to unlock their full potential in order to achieve their goals and dreams. We think that each person is unique, so we’ll design a specific plan for each person using tools such as meditation, hypnosis, and life coaching techniques that will allow them to reach their goals.


Learn more about Laura Orvieto below:


How WE Can Help You



Yoga Pose


our goal

Terra di Luce’s main goal is to help people become the best version of themselves. We will guide you along the journey. From stress management to overcoming negative thoughts and learning which are the obstacles that are preventing you from obtain your goals, we will be here for you.

There is only one important pre-requisite, your mind and heart should have to be set on your goal. Your decision will be the starting point, we will be here to assist you and coach you along the way. 

What would like to see a change in your life but you don’t have a goal yet? No worries, we will embark with you on that journey as well!

Our purpose is for people to walk out of our office with a purpose, a plan, feeling hopeful, inspired, and motivated.
Please note that we are not therapists. If you think you have a serious condition, please contact your doctor.

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