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What is Meditation?

Meditation is for everyone! At Terra di Luce we would like to educate people on the benefits that meditation could bring into a person’s daily life. We will walk you through the process to the point where you are able to create your own meditations and won’t need us anymore, that is our ultimate goal.

We find that a lot of people do not practice meditation because they think of it as a spiritual experience, which needs to be practiced in a particular outfit or setting. The truth is that meditation could be practiced anytime, anywhere and even though it could be a spiritual practice, this is entirely up to the person practicing it.

There are many kinds of meditations; we will use the kind that best suits you. However, the ones we love are:

  • Zen Meditation allows you to find a sense of wellness by training you to observe your thoughts, it is an excellent tool to learn how to quiet the mind through stressful hectic situations and differentiate which thoughts are based on fear, facts, or randomness. You will become aware of your thought patterns by getting to know and control your mind.

  • Metta Meditation teaches you to shower yourself in love and be able to send love to others: a specific person, a group of people, or even an animal. In doing this you learn to receive love as well. It is highly recommended for people who would like to work on their confidence and personal relationships.

  • Visualization Meditation uses and enhances your creativity since you’ll be using your imagination to create positive imagines and your dream scenarios, which could be used for many purposes from relaxation to helping you reach your goals.

  • The Transformational Meditation Experience allows you to transform beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that no longer serve you for ones that will aid you to become the best version of yourself.

Meditation helps us to train our mind in order to organize our thoughts, becoming aware and conscious of them. It allows us to achieve a balance and a sense of well-being. If our mind is at ease this will definitely show in every single aspect of our lives.

You will experience life in a different light once you incorporate meditation into your daily routine!

Meditation is a powerful tool, if you’ve never practiced meditation before, do not worry we are here to guide you. A few of the benefits from practicing meditation daily include:

  • Learn how to quiet your mind, therefore increasing your sense of well-being

  • Understanding that you are in charge of your life, becoming the captain of your destiny

  • Becoming self-aware of your negative thoughts and emotions, being able to switch to positive ones 

  • Learning to be present and enjoying life to the fullest

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