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Laura Orvieto

Her parents say they asked heaven to be blessed with the arrival of a sensitive soul; Laura’s birth brought endless joy to her parents. At a small hospital in the city of Quito, Ecuador, Laura’s arrival into the world was a celebration, as doctors and nurses joined her father in singing, accompanied by his guitar. 


From a very young age Laura showed a special connection with heaven. It was normal for her grandmother find her admiring the stars every night. When Laura was 6 years old, she asked her grandmother what was the meaning of a white dove carrying a branch on its beak, and her grandmother answered: “I believe that is the symbol of the Holy Spirit”. Laura was very excited to hear this, as she replied: “I just saw the Holy Spirit in our window”. Experiences like this were common in Laura's life. While in school she was always praised for her creativity, as she wrote fascinating stories with characters out of this world many of which came directly from her own dreams. Later in life, Laura developed a successful writing career, and found in literature an opportunity to capture her soul on paper and inspire her readers. 

Laura always connects with people in a very special way. People who talk to Laura immediately feel the need to open their hearts. Her very presence inspires calmness and happiness. In her teenage years it was normal to see Laura advising her elders about issues related to work, love, or important decisions. Laura never liked the idea of being treated differently, so she tried to hide her gifts for as long as she could. Later in life, Laura could not deny that she had a very beautiful gift. She was a source of wisdom, inspiration, and peace. Thanks to literature Laura was able to continue that beautiful connection with people but her mission was not completely accomplished.

Laura left Ecuador and moved to the U.S., where she completed her higher education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management at Saint Peter’s University, later getting married and continuing her literary career with success. In 2019, Laura knew that to continue with what she always considered to be her mission, she needed to study and prepare herself to better help people achieve their goals and in doing so, reach a peaceful and happy life. She became a Certified LOA Life Coach, Meditation and Hypnosis Practitioner and founded Terra di Luce LLC., a place where people can find peace, like a little piece of heaven on earth.

Get to know Laura Orvieto a bit more and book a session with her to enjoy that feeling of warmth in your heart when you connect with her. Laura Orvieto is living proof that it is possible to be in touch with the spiritual realm without losing one’s humanity.

Read Laura’s latest motivational book “What I heard from a Star”. 

A Spanish version of the book is also available here.  


  • Certified LOA Life Coach

  • Certified Meditation Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

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